Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ghost Rider - Neil Peart

Over the past year I "discovered" the band Rush. I know they have been a force in rock for decades but I never really knew anything about them. I watched a documentary about the band and decided that I needed to learn more. As is my custom when I get into to something new I bought all of their CDs and their concert DVDs. Then I decided to get even more information. The drummer for the band is Neil Peart. He also writes the lyrics for the band. If you have listened to a Rush song you know the lyrics can be very intense and difficult. This made me decide to pick up this book. (He has written many books). The reason I chose this book was that it focused on his recovery from two sudden and stunning losses. In less than a year his only child died in a car accident and then his wife died of cancer (but he makes it seem like it was also from a broken heart and soul). To recover he left everything he knew behind. The music, the family home, his friends...everything. He loaded up his motorcycle and began driving with no plan in mind. He stopped when he felt like stopping and drove where he wanted to drive. He covered thousands of miles and this book is about that trip. There so many great nuggets buried in the descriptions of small towns and meals eaten that you can almost see him heal as he rides and writes. This is an older book so I am not spoiling anything here. All of this story is public knowledge but the specifics of the book is where the enjoyment lies. He is back with the band. He is remarried. But in his speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame he made mention about those who were lost. The crowd knew what he meant. Those losses still live in him much like all of our losses live within each of us. There is some adult language in the book but it is used the way it should be. It is not written to be shocking. The language is plain speak about feelings experienced in a real way. It is a healing book for Peart and could be a healing book for you. Do yourself a favor. Get some Rush music, read the book and find out something you. Not a bad way to spend a few hours.

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