Thursday, July 4, 2013

It is Back

In early July Mrs. Fower, Mrs. Tourville, Mrs. Cartier, Mrs. Boyea, Mrs. Breault and I (Mr. Trombley) attended a Model Schools conference. We learned many ways to make our great school even better. One of those ways is to increase literacy. To increase the desire in all students to read and write more.
While on a metro we discusses the possibility of bringing back the book blog. That is what this is. A place to share our books with everyone else. Big books, small books, important books, books of any style. If you like it, write about it.
I will make every effort to post at least once or twice per week. I will also ask YOU to post your own reviews or stories about books. Send me an email about the book you read and want to recommend.
I hope to hear from ANYONE at CCS who loves books. We will tag the books by age appropriateness and level as much as we can.
We also plan on many other book activities when we get back to school in September.
So please, consider sharing the books you have read with the rest of the world. Do not be afraid to write a review. One of the lessons we learned is that the best way to learn to write is to keep writing. And the best way to read is to keep reading.
Thanks to the Mr. Breault for giving us a chance to attend this amazing conference and to help ignite the spirit within us that made us want to teach in the first place.

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