Monday, August 26, 2013

No Regrets

From Mr. Walrath  

I recently finished Ace Frehley's autobiography called No Regrets that I had borrowed from Mr. Trombley many months ago.  As you may or may not know, Ace was the lead guitar player and one of the original founders of the hard rock bank Kiss.  Ace tells many interesting stories about his adolescent years of rebellion and school-skipping and of his love of music.  He played in many bands as a teenager and met has future band mates, Gene Simons, Paul Stanley, and Peter Criss, when he was very young.  Fame came pretty fast and easy for the band, and the four men were rich superstars in no time.  With the easy money came lots of drugs, women, and other decadence.  Ace has spent most of his life addicted to cocaine, alcohol, pain killers, and whatever else was available.  Many stories are included in the book including Ace smashing his Porsche into a tree after a fishing trip with his buddy, or Ace racing several police cars with his Delorean while in an inebriated state.  I got pretty angry reading this book because Ace could always get himself out of trouble by using his fame and status as a rock star.  The title of the book is also disturbing to me because he kept making a point of saying that he wasn't sorry for anything he did.  Maybe if he had killed someone during his drunken rampages, he would have felt differently.
    Ace quit the band in the late 80s and reunited with them for a while in the 2000s, but he doesn't have much good to say about his band mates, Gene and Paul.  They didn't include him in any of the big decisions and made him feel like an outsider.  In recent years Ace has found sobriety and is loving life as a semi-retired rock star.

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