Thursday, August 22, 2013

Quivers A Life by Robin Quivers

By Mr. Walrath

An autobiography I just finished is titled Quivers A Life by Robin Quivers, co-host of the Howard Stern Show.  As a big Howard Stern fan, I have wanted to read this book for many years, but it is out of print and difficult to find.  Amazon has used copies, but the last time I checked they were something like $60 for the hard copy and $35 for the paperback edition.  So, I constantly looked whenever I went into a used book store and finally hit the jackpot at the little used bookstore that is only open on weekends on Rt. 11 in Lawrenceville.
    In any event, this book tells of Robin's unhappy upbringing in Baltimore, MD.  Her family was very poor, and she experienced a very unhappy childhood.  Robin's mom gave her very little encouragement telling her that she'd never be more than a maid to some rich white family.  Robin's dad molested her repeatedly until she put an end to it by biting his arm so hard that she almost drew blood.  Robin could not wait to get out of her prison and studied hard in school so that she could get away from her family and her neighborhood.
    Robin's first career was in nursing, but because she saw it as a dead-end career, she decided to go into radio.  She went to broadcasting school, got a job at a small station in Carlisle, PA, and began to move up the ladder.  Within two years she was introduced to Howard Stern, and the two began their on-air relationship in Washington, DC.  Robin was still not happy, however.  She was constantly depressed and often suicidal mostly because of the memories of her father's betrayal.  Many of the topics she writes about parallel topics Howard discusses in his book, Private Parts, so it was interesting to compare the two.  Robin talks about how much she came to hate Howard, argue with him, scream at him, and blame him for things not going well in Washington and later in New York.  I've concluded that Howard is really a good guy because he never once said anything negative about Robin in his book, even though she must have been terrible to work with.
    Robin did turn her life around with the help of a devoted therapist who got her to trust others, especially Howard.  Robin eventually confronted her parents about her abuse and was able to somewhat mend fences with them after her mother and father both apologized for what they had done to her when she was young.  I really enjoyed this book.  Robin didn't hold anything back as she was very candid with all the negative thoughts running through her mind.  Thank goodness that Howard recognized her talent and didn't kick her to the curb after some of her ridiculous antics.

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