Friday, August 30, 2013

The Dangerous Animals Club

A few weeks ago I was browsing through some sale Kindle books at I stumbled on this book based solely on the fact that I like the actor Stephen Tobolowsky. I suspect you may not know his name but you will know him when you see him. Don't believe me? Google his name - go ahead - I will wait.

I told you that you would know who he is. Several years ago I watched a documentary about him and the movie was mostly about his ability to tell a good story. This book reaffirms that. This is a cross between an autobiography and a life lessons guide. The chapters focus on a period in his life and the lessons he learned on his way to becoming a working actor. His stories are funny and though provoking. He has lived an interesting life and seems to have taken most of it in stride and treated his experiences as a great journey. I really like his writing style. The way he turns a phrase appeals to me and this made the book a quick read. Normally when I read a biography or autobiography of someone famous I tend to be disappointed in the their private life. The tell all books seem unnecessary to me. This is a different book. He does seem to tell all (or most) but when I was done I found that I liked him more. I suspect that many actors in his position (not the big stars) are probably more like this. The character actors I see most often seem to be grounded a bit more. This was a fun and short read. I cannot loan it out because I picked it up for my Kindle. I will have a post in the future about my growing appreciation for ebooks.

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