Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Change of Heart

For quite a while I resisted the use of Kindles and other e-readers. I was a book snob like many others. I wanted the book in my hands. I liked have a pile of books to knock over for some reason. That all changed for me this past summer. The reason is comically simple. Wind.
I spent quite a bit of time reading near the end of the summer vacation. Most of the books I wrote about on this blog I read over the last few weeks of summer. And most of them I read on my iPad with the Kindle app. I picked up most of the books for under $5.00. Some I even found online for free. When I read a trilogy of books this summer the first one was electronic and the other two were hardcovers I bought on a clearance table. I read most of the books outside on my swing by a fire. I tend to swing a little hard and fast. Most people do not like to share the swing with me. Between the speed of my swinging and the constant wind we had this summer I realized that actual bound books are a pain to hold in the wind.
Sounds like a minor irritation I know but I also realized that holding open a book while sitting outside on a swing can be a bit tedious. I know this sounds like a first world problem and it probably is just that. But in terms in convenience an e-reader became much less of a hassle.
I also spent some of the summer bouncing from book to book as my mood dictated. All those moods were in one place - the iPad. I was also able to play some nice soft background music from the iPad. When I was done, I simply closed the case on the iPad and I was all cleaned up. One little device to handle it all.
Soon amazon.com will be offering Kindle downloads on most of the books I have already purchased. Some will be free and others may be as low as $1.99. When this happens in October I will probably realize there are some forgotten gems in the list of books I have purchased. I may not even have them any more. If I can put the whole collection on the iPad that would be nice. Since I am actually taking trips now I suspect I will want the soothing company of some of my favorite books even if they are not.....you know....actual paper bound books.
So there - I admit it. I turned the corner and have succumbed to the power of the e-reader. I will still by discount books because the Kindle prices can be too high sometimes but I think as time wears on I will most likely not have a pile of books to bring to school to share with you all and that may be the worst part of this switch. Imagine...all this from a simple breeze interrupting my summer reading.

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