Wednesday, September 4, 2013

From Mr. Walrath

A book I just finished is titled World War Z, An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks.  I had seen the movie version in the theater over the summer and decided to buy the book.  The book is incredibly different from the movie.  The movie is full of adventure, gore, death, and killing as Brad Pitt's character tries to find the cause of the infestation and discover a cure for it.  This book takes place after the Zombie War and the end of civilization as we know it.  It is written as a series of interviews of many different people who had many different roles during the war in many different countries.  I was reminded of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in that Brooks creates an entire fantasy world with many unique words and scenarios.  His creativity is pretty amazing, and if the reader isn't into the interview that he or she is reading, another interview with a different character is only a few pages away.  During the war nations were forced to work together to try to save humanity, but there were still many interesting dynamics that occurred to make things interesting to the reader.
    Without giving too many things away, here are a few interesting facts about the war:  In the United States, we pretty much retreated into the Rocky Mountains for refuge as the rest of the nation was overrun.  Japan evacuated their island nation because there was nowhere they could defend without infestation.  Cuba, because of its isolation was least effected by the epidemic and became a world power after the war.  Zombies freeze during the winter months and are not a threat to humans; however, they thaw out in spring and are as nasty as ever.  Zombies are not affected by water or the ocean's depths.  There are millions of zombies walking around on the bottom of the oceans, and they periodically emerge on beaches looking for meat to eat.
    I would highly recommend this book.  It seems we're currently in a similar stage with all the zombie stories as we were a few years ago with all the vampire stories.  I wish AMC's Walking Dead was back right now!

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