Monday, September 9, 2013

Raylan - Elmore Leonard

If you look over some of my earlier posts you will discover my fondness for the TV show "Deadwood". One of the reasons I liked the show so much was the actor Timothy Olyphant. He played the character Seth Bullock. I have since seen nearly everything he has even been in. His most recent claim to fame is the TV show "Justified" where he plays U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens. The series is based on a character created by author Elmore Leonard. I knew this name from movies like "Get Shorty" and "Out of Sight". However I had never read any of his books. A while ago I stumbled upon this book at a clearance table in a book store and gave it a try. I really liked it. Leonard writes witty dialog that is clever, acerbic and funny all at the same time. He is a no-nonsense write who does not need to dress up his prose with a lot of description yet somehow always paints a clear picture of his characters and scenes. He has written around 50 books. There are a lot of westerns and detective stories. I really like his writing style and plan on checking out more of his books. But sadly he died recently and we will no longer be able to enjoy his work. It is or loss.
In this particular book the Marshall encounters colorful characters who think they are smarter than they really are. There is a team of liver thieves (human livers), there is a hot shot female gambler, some gun play, some flirting, and so much more. If you have seen the show you will be right at home in this book. I have read that Leonard changed some of his style in these stories to match the writers on the TV show which is at times laugh out loud funny. I cannot wait to pick up more his his novels.
I will be adding this to the pile of books to borrow soon. But, as I mentioned before, I have been reading more and more on the iPad so I will not have as many books to share. But I always have a soft spot for book stores and the clearance tables so there will be more additions I am sure.

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