Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sleepwalk With Me

One of my favorite comedians is Mike Birbiglia. Over the past two years he has performed a play about this book and filmed a movie about the play which was based on this book. If you have heard his stand-up routine you will recognize some of these stories. That does not mean they are not still funny and touching. The focus of the books it two fold. He talks about his battles with a sleep disorder and the dangers of having that problem while being a road comic. It is also about coming to grips with a pending marriage. Maybe it is really about him growing into an adult. Regardless it is very funny at times. My wife purchased this book from his website for me as a gift. It came with the movie and both are autographed so if you want to borrow it I will need it back. The movie is on Netflix and is well worth your time. It is under 90 minutes. He also has a great stand-up set that I have listened to many times. I like his delivery and his style. To give you a taste of his relaxed comic touch, check out the embedded video below.

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