Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's Back

What does a book blog have to to with wellness? A spirit of community? Sharing? Learning more about our colleagues by finding out what they like to read? Bonding over good books? All the above and more? Sick of questions marks? So am I. They do not flow well for me when I type.
Anyway - Mr. Seymour wondered about bringing back the book blog that I started a while ago. I was worried that it was gone forever but I saved a download file from Google and resurrected it.
Image result for booksWhere will this go this time? Who knows but this seems like a place for me to help with the wellness goals of camaraderie. So I will begin again. I will share the books I read both here in the blog and in the teachers' room. Although this will get more difficult since I have begun to read more and more on my Kindle.
I have many books to add but, as before, please send in your book suggestions and reviews.
Share the wealth. I did pick up some great ideas before.
This might be the kick I needed to get reading again. we go.........

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